There are so many aspects to consider when starting out as a male escort and one of the first things to think about is whether you choose to show your face or hide your face on your ads. This is commonly referred to in the industry as ‘face-out’ (exposed) or ‘face-in’ (concealed) and provides a layer of discretion for workers. This discretion can potentially be a hindrance, as we hope to be as marketable as possible in an industry that relies on our public image. Although there’s a fair bit to consider, especially if it is at the cost of the social stigma or endangering their personal life.
I would usually recommend that workers starting out be face-in, for quite a few reasons: mainly the aforementioned ones like discretion and personal safety. Although, if there is a said time that an escort would like to go face-out, they can do this at their own will, which can allow a marketable advantage of a face reveal strategy. Considering this is a decision you can’t take back once it is out there, it’s out there as a full-service escort. That is the trade-off, the risk versus rewards, so to speak.
There are, of course, risks involved that should always be considered. There are obvious risks such as the social stigma and jeopardising future job opportunities; unfortunately, we still live in a world where this is factor sex workers have to consider providing full service. The social stigma that concerns most workers (especially female workers I have met) is from their own family finding them and being marginalised upon discovery.
One of the most common questions I get is “does your family know what you do?” and “How did/ would they react knowing what you do?” My family does know what I do and I took complete responsibility for coming out to them very openly with an insightful phone call or in-person conversation. I think it was important for them to know and for me to tell them. I had heard a few stories of sex workers being outed to their families by other escorts or agencies with ill intentions or utilised as blackmail. I decided at that time that hearing it from me was better than hearing it from someone else. So, I started a dialogue to express that I am working as a full-service straight male escort, taking all precautions I am aware of to maintain my own safety and the safety of others while providing the optimal experience for my clients. From there, I was open to any further questions or concerns they may have, which was interesting as they really didn’t have any and now, we all very much joke about it at family gatherings. In saying that, my mother and grandmother are some of my most valuable support networks when there are times of stress or mental disposition.
There was one instance that an unstable client felt the need to blackmail me for more content by contacting my family and personal friends to send them explicit footage of me. This was something I hadn’t experienced before and so I made my family aware of the situation in a group chat and did a announcement to my personal friends in case this individual did decide to take action. I proceeded to block this person and encouraged everyone to do the same. I never heard from them again.
Now back on track with what should be considered when deciding to be face-out, you will be easily identifiable which comes with being a vulnerable figure to the public. Full-service sex workers are quite publicly advertising themselves for the most private and taboo of experiences. Taking that into consideration, it’s obvious where the cultural stigmatisation comes from but some things that may not have been considered would be identity theft or limiting your future travel opportunities. Even though international travel is a massive wet dream to a lot of us right now, there is always the concern of being turned away at the border of a country that has not legalised full-service sex work. I haven’t done my professional due diligence to back this theory, but I am always walking on the side of caution, as this was something brought to my attention by other sex workers travelling to the USA.
Although it’s not all bad when it comes to revealing your face or other identifiable features; I mean if these are all the risks then what are the rewards and why am I face-out? Well, it all comes down to marketability. It is largely influential for clients to see your face as context for visual expectations, personability and build your overall aesthetic. Which are all valuable features for a straight male escort with female clientele because women are invested in male escorts based on their personability, chemistry and safety.
It allows further professional development especially as we live in the digital age and the majority of my marketing is through social media. My clients will generally search through every social media profile I have, through posts dating back months to build a clear description for themselves and then monitor me for months until later deciding to send me an inquiry. So, marketability is an essential aspect of being an independent straight male escort in Australia. It will also save a tonne of time editing or finding creative ways to cover your face.
This has been a lot of fun to ramble my inner monologue for a bit and I hope I helped provide some insight.
Rhys x