I spent some time with Rhys the other day and what can I say but wow! Not only is he gorgeous, but gentle, kind and so very funny. From the time he met me in the hotel lobby with a massive hug until his tender kiss goodnight, Rhys was attentive and intuitive and gentle. What else can I say about this beautiful human? but dont hesitate to make a booking with Rhys, I cant recommended him enough.. I look forward to seeing him again xxdo.

MSL 16/06/2021

I’ve been a regular client for quite sometime and I can honestly say that Rhys never disappoints. He’s sweet, caring, smart, sexy and just an amazing human being. Recently, I had the pleasure of booking him for a threesome with another woman. I was incredibly nervous and while it was something I’ve wanted, I wondered about the dynamics and worried I would be left out in some way. Rhys and his partner made me feel beautiful, desired and so included. The experience exceeded every expectation beyond my wildest dreams and I have Rhys to thank for that. If you have the opportunity to book this wonderful man, please do.

B 11/05/2021

I’ve been trying to put words down to write a review for this amazing human, but it’s much harder than I thought…

I came across Rhys amid covid late last year after coming out of a highly toxic, very abusive time (mentally and sexually) over a long period with another escort. At this time I was so broken and mentally destroyed I wasn’t sure if I was ready or if it was even wise to go down the path of finding another escort after what I’d been through, but after initially contacting Rhys he put my mind at ease and was so amazingly supportive of what I’d been through I just knew I was in the safest most capable hands.

I had my first date with Rhys a couple of weeks ago and how amazing it was to finally meet this beautiful soul in person and be in his company, he totally exceeded my expectations, he blew me away at just how attentive he is to your needs, how he can read your body and know exactly what it is you need, and most of all how he listens to what you want and request for your booking! After my previous experience Rhys made sure I was happy with what he was doing, that I felt safe with him and that I had the most amazing time with him possible, which I did!

Being a bigger girl I’ve always been so self conscious of the way I look and how I am around a guy, somehow Rhys makes you forget about all the self doubt and body insecurities and has you purely focused on him, I’ve never felt more comfortable and at ease with a guy before, Rhys made me feel so beautiful and so sexy in my own skin that ever since our date my self confidence has sky rocketed and I have him to thank for that.

Girls if you have any doubts about booking a male escort/companion look no further than Rhys, you will not regret it I can promise you!! Rhys will make you feel amazing, he’s an amazing guide and I still have so much healing to do and so much to learn about myself still that I know now with Rhys in my life I can overcome my past and become the happy, super confident woman I’m meant to be and he can do this for you too!

Rhys you are truely a rare gem, you are so special, unique, funny and ever so handsome, us girls are so lucky to have you apart of our lives, I’m not sure what I would have done or how I would be getting through everything without your endless support.. thank you for always being there when I needed and dealing with my meltdowns, you have been beyond amazing, you know what you mean to me, please don’t ever change!

I’m super excited to see you again soon xx


Miss J 06/04/2021

It’s near impossible to put into words how amazing my time with Rhys was! He has such a kind and caring personality that made me feel so comfortable and completely at ease. And the way that he was able to read my energy was incredible- he knew exactly what I wanted and needed even better than I did!!
His skills were phenomenal and his amazing body was an added bonus that topped off our beautiful evening together! He’s also super cute and funny which I loved!! Thanks for a great time Rhys, I’ll definitely be booking again!

Holly 21/03/2021

Having never taken the plunge before and hired anyone I was beyond nervous however Rhys was able to allay my nerves. I also have body confidence issues but Rhys easily and effectively made them a non-issue. Starting out by getting to know each other on a personal level made the hands on getting to know each other all the more exceptional. I have nothing but praise for Rhys and won’t hesitate to book with him again.

Avago 17/08/2020

I thought I had this escort thing all figured out; been there, done that, knew exactly how to get what I wanted. But once I met Rhys, I realised I’d only playing in the paddling pool. Rhys is a guy who really knows what he’s doing. He’s experienced, educated and within about 10 minutes he had me figured out better than I did. I thought I knew all about myself and what I wanted, but Rhys managed to get in under my protective shell and find something in me that I’d missed.

Instead of starting off the booking with the usual glass of wine and a chat about our day, which inevitably leads to the awkward first touch/kiss/whatever, we started with what was, effectively, a consultation. He just asked me about myself and what I respond to and then gently eased into the physical side of the encounter. Which, I might add, was pretty bloody phenomenal *grin*.

Rhys is kind, thoughtful, and a great listener. He’s very knowledgeable and mature, and has a relaxed and open minded vibe about him, plus that kind of confident BD energy that just lets you know you’re in safe hands. Very skillful safe hands, too. If you’re still undecided, take it from me, you should definitely take the plunge. You won’t regret it.

MB 23/06/2020

Rhys is everything his profile says he is and more. The words exceptional, sublime and attentive also spring to mind. Rhys is one of the few male providers offering digital services during the pandemic and if he is this amazing online, I can’t wait to see him in person. His conversation is scintillating showing a breadth of knowledge in diverse subject areas and a wisdom beyond his years. His body is divine, even if it’s on the other side of a screen. And most importantly for the entirety of the booking his focus will be you and only you. Thank you so much Rhys for making quarantine a little less lonely and for being the wonderful man you are.

Eve 18/03/2020