A booking that really affected me was with a lovely lady in her 40s that had been through a lot in life & after everything she had been through she hadn’t been with a man before. After sitting & talking for quite some time about life & getting a better understanding of what she is looking for from me, it was clear that my purpose in this instance was to help her meet those expectations of experiencing intimacy for the first time.
I knew I had to take things slowly as there was no way to gauge her boundaries & expectations sexually as she didn’t have any form of reference. So we took everything gradually & went for a psychologically comforting approach. Then afterwards we shared a shower together & held each other, in that moment of warm running water she began to cry thinking that it was all over & going to end.
That hit hard, I felt I needed to reassure her that experiencing such a high has a cost & yes it may end for the moment just as fast as it all began but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen again. I am not going anywhere anytime soon, this high doesn’t need to go to waste & she can relive it all in the future, she should cherish the memory in the meantime & no one can take that away from her. This affected me so much in showing me the power that this type of work can have & how life-enhancing it is when done right.